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Memory Doctor distributes cutting edge Aquarium Supplies and environmentally safe products which produce amazing results. The Tri-Base Carbon and Right Now Bacteria combination allow a 24 Hour Nitrogen Cycle in your aquarium. Instant Ammonia destroyer part of our Aquarium Fish Supplies, is used in fish transportation to minimize fish fatalities. Chloradsorb, also part of our Aquarium Marine Supplies, eliminates toxic chlorine in your aquarium. New to our Aquarium Reef Supplies is the red torpedo, perfect for aquarium maintenance. The capacity of this new Filter Tank with it's back flush ease makes aquarium maintenance a pleasure instead of a lengthy chore with these great Aquarium Marine Supplies and Tropical Fish Supplies. Another loyal customer, Greg, stated, "I have been collecting fish for 30 years now. I like simple, strong products that do what they claim. I highly recommend these products to anyone who prefers to spend their time looking at their vibrant fish, rather than spend it tinkering with gizmos and playing at being an amatuer biochemist".

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Memory Doctor has expanded from Data Restoration and now includes several environmentally safe, Aquarium Fish Supplies, unique cleaning chemical compounds, Aquarium Reef Supplies, non-bleach bleach, dessicant, Aquarium Saltwater Supplies, gardening fertilizers, and amazing Aquarium Supplies.

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Memory Doctor works closely with Hiatt Distributors Limited, and we strive to provide the best customer technical support for aquarium maintenance.

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Memory Doctor, as well as Hiatt Distributors Limited primarily focuses on manufacturing affordable, state of the art, quality aquarium, and environmentally safe products